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The house falls quiet now,
Sleep has come to all but I.
Deep in the halls of the night
I wander alone, perusing the shelves;
Looking for the volume I seek,
I know it is here, somewhere.

What will I do if I find it?
Will I read the wisdom therein,
Take the lessons offered to heart?
What does it matter I cannot find it.
There is comfort ahead I sense
But not the comfort I desire.

Instead of the sought peace
I will fall to turbulent sleep.
There I will wander once again;
Now in the halls of my mind.
Searching high and…

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I have been told not to move.

The damp seeping into my jeans where my knees are pressing into the mud is a cold reminder of my predicament. The rain is not falling hard, it is the kind of dreary drizzle that makes a day grey but at night really changes nothing, except you are getting wet. …

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How to build software reliably without “Crunch”

I have been building software professionally for twenty years, and the one utterly constant truth I have discovered is this;

Making Time a key factor in the lives of Coders, and specifically in the process of estimating and planning work, is a recipe for any number of separate and parallel disasters.

(Oliver Godby, October 2020)

Now, I know what you are thinking… You are thinking that I am one of those opinionated mavericks that believes Software Engineering should have complete primacy over the business and that being subject to a wider business…

A few weeks ago I wrote this poem and made this Rückenfigur self-portrait for a submission to a ‘Zine produced by Penfriend for their supporters via The Correspondents Club. The ‘Zine is out now and so I want to share this piece with a wider audience, so here it is…

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This last week has seen confirmation that the UK has experienced more excess deaths during the COVID-19 Pandemic than any other country in Europe. Playing second fiddle to Darth Cheeto’s “everything is bigger in America” world class shit-show is not where I expected us to be back in February when I went into self-imposed exile.

Or was it? I have to be honest I was never confident in the Tories’ ability to do the right thing under the very best of circumstances, but a viral disease that could wipe a few extra old people, sick people and poor people off…

The Bartlett Administration — Seasons 1–3; the halcyon days…

I suppose it may be apparent to people that have followed my writing(s) over the years that I am still and have long-since been influenced by The West Wing. To be a fan of a show, to find that it resonates with your life enough to merit re-watch after re-watch is both a blessing and a curse. I am currently on my thirteenth complete watch through of the West Wing, and due to the lockdown situation we are all living through I am far further along than I usually am in May. …

copyright C. Oliver Godby / Techno-Mage Photography All Rights Reserved 2020

Rushing water
Do you hear it?
I am sure that I do,
Though the spillway is dry.

Warm golden fingers
Do you feel them?
I am sure that I do,
Though the sun has sunk away.

Distant voices
Do you hear them?
I am sure that I do,
Though I am alone with the moon.

A blank page
Do you see it?
I know that I do,
How it taunts my will.

The words of others
Do they move you?
I too am moved,
See my silent scream.

Endless longing
Does it haunt you?
I am my own fetch,
Embodied want; full as shadow.

I am here,
Do you know me?
I am knowable,
You need only believe, and so ‘tis.

This poem was first published on my Blog Thoughtcrime

(Lyrics from “Judas” by Depeche Mode, w. M.Gore)

How to start the climb back up toward the light…

I keep coming back to this stanza… It’s resonances for me, for right now are nothing to do with the song’s original message or story; my interest in these words have nothing to do with the personal microcosm of my life.

I am locked in a cycle of disappointment and resentment, of visceral regret at the state of public and political life in not only our country, but the World at large. I hear these words and I see the faces of the people that claim to speak for me…

I’ve been giving this some thought and as far as I can tell there is no other way to put it, Boris Johnson is exactly who we ALL think he is; a self-important, self-serving, entitled cunt.

I make no secret that I was lucky enough to have a fantastically privileged education, though not at an alma mater as famous or divisive as Elton College, but I don’t really believe that you needed to go to boarding school to have known the one feckless prick in your year that would try to weasel out of things any way that they could.

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Over the last few years I have been in a variety of “hiring manager” positions. I have worked in large organisations and I have worked in small start-ups, and there is one constant in all of that diversity of circumstances; I waste a LOT of my time filtering and either ignoring or politely saying “no thanks” to recruitment consultants.

Now, before anyone makes the incorrect assumption that I do not like recruitment consultants or that I am agin them as a group, please allow me to be VERY clear. Recruitment Consultants and the Recruitment Industry as a whole performs an…

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